Music and Healing

Fight SAD with Creative Ideas

Change in the seasons can inspire us, make our hearts happy, but also can trigger a change in mood, including the onset of a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms like nostalgia, sadness, depression, trouble waking up…
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Expressive Arts. What is there for me?

From cave painting to dancing around fire, singing, playing drums to story telling, the arts have been an integral part of life for humans throughout history. When people ask me “what is Expressive Art Therapy?” I explain to them that…
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Music Soothes Premature Babies

The neonatal intensive care unit at New York-Presbyterian Hospital is filled with technology that helps keep the hospital’s tiniest, most fragile patients alive. Since hearing is possible as early as 24 weeks of gestation, the loud noises and abrupt peaks…
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It’s Never too Late to Sing

Music – the “universal language” not only stirs our deepest emotions, but active participation can increase energy and vigor to see us through even the most stress-filled life commitments. If you sing in the shower or sing along with the…
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