Importance of Music in Early Childhood Education

It is well-known that a child’s journey to learning starts at home. Since your young child spends a lot of time at home, especially in early years, it is the parents’ responsibility to create an environment where kids can effectively learn things and develop their skills. Since music is important for an early childhood development, it is crucial to incorporate music in your home. If you don’t know how, start by adding those simple steps into your daily routines.

  1. Immerse your home in music. Whenever appropriate, play music—any and all music.
  2. Actively listen to music. It is important to interact with music regularly by dancing, sparking conversations about how the music might make you feel, or what kind of instruments are being played.
  3. Sing with your child. It doesn’t matter how well you sing, you can still sing simple songs or hum the melody. Singing will help your child to learn basic melody and rhythm.
  4. Dance with your child. Dancing with your child is another fun way to encourage learning about music while spending time together.
  5. Make music together. Start with simple rhythms by using your kitchen equipment like pots and pans . If you play an instrument, invite your child to play a duet.
  6. Play different games related to music. Playing music-related games is a great way to relax after a long day in school and at work.
  7. Incorporate arts and crafts. Build musical instruments from a simple recycled materials.

Developing a love and respect for music early on allows your child more time to connect with and find meaning in music later in life. Whether you’re a musician or not, including music in your daily activities is very important. Not only this helps your children learn better, but it also makes you and your children appreciate and enjoy life even more.


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