50 Websites of Arts and Crafts for Children with Disabilities

50 Websites of Arts and Crafts for Children with Disabilities

  1. www.kinderart.com This website contains art lessons for children with disabilities and shows teachers different ideas.
  2. www.familyeducation.com This website contains mostly information that parents would be able to get information from and how to better help their child.
  3. www.banjo.digimark.com is a website showing parents and teachers creative play activities. This is mostly a resource catalog for teachers.
  4. www.linkspider.com is a directory site for arts and crafts with children
  5. www.kidsartcrafts.about.com This is a site packed full of holiday arts and crafts for families. This contains every season and lots of exciting crafts for everyone not to be bored.
  6. www.specialchildren.about.com lists several activities for families to do together with their children who have disabilities. This is mostly a summer site however, teachers can get some really great ideas to teach the class and they can go home and practice teaching their family.
  7. www.childparenting.about.com is a site containing summer arts and crafts for children with disabilities.
  8. www.teachers.net This site is a chat board for teachers about arts and crafts.
  9. www.campronald.org Is a site of Arts and Crafts Specialists for teachers and parents to go to for art and craft ideas for their children
  10. www.ericec.org Contains art and craft activities for children with disabilities for both parents and teachers.
  11. www.nadc.ucla.edu Is an “art web tour” for children with disabilities.
  12. www.franz.org This site is actually crafts containing quilting for activities to teach.
  13. www.webtools.familyeducation.com Is a site showing the top ten arts and crafts products for both family and teachers for creative ideas.
  14. www.exrx.net/creativeplayactivities.html Is a site for creative play activities for children with disabilities.
  15. www.250000.com Contains arts and crafts and entertainment.
  16. www.craftfair.com is a site for events and how to find them. This site links information from local craft fairs etc.
  17. www.crosssearch.com Is a site made by Christian Children displaying their works.
  18. www.family-friendly-fun.com Is a site enhancing the fun and family life for families with special needs. Drawing with children and it also shows information for adult beginners and different methods.
  19. www.friendshipcircle.com Shows bonding between special needs children, their friends and siblings. This is at-home activities to do with everyone.
  20. www.playtogrow.com Is a site about play, games, toys, arts and crafts for children with learning and physical disabilities.
  21. www.volunteersolutions.com Is after school arts for special needs children.
  22. www.edenpublishing.com This site is actually a spiritual site for children with disabilities. There are support groups for them and chat rooms so that they can learn what’s out there and meet new people.
  23. www.amazon.com provides several links for creative play activities with children with disabilities and numerous arts and craft projects for teachers and parents to sort through.
  24. www.kyky.essortment.com helps teachers teach children with disabilities and provides them with several arts and crafts projects.
  25. www.epinions.com Arts and craft ideas for toys working with children with disabilities.
  26. www.focus-ga.camp.htm is a site for Hollywood camps teaching children with disabilities arts and crafts, cooking etc.
  27. www.pcCrafter.com helps give teachers ideas about creating scrapbook activities working with children with disabilities.
  28. www.new-horizons.org is actually a park marketing a park in Maryland. This park serves children with disabilities with horseback riding, swimming, hiking and arts and crafts.
  29. www.croydon.gov is a site for teaching children with disabilities arts and crafts, skills building and water play.
  30. www.aasingapore.com is art and craft sessions teaching pre-school children with disabilities
  31. www.ourworld.compuserve.com Shows children with disabilities games, crafts, recreational equipment, and transportation costs.
  32. www.childparenting.miningco.com Shows kids party game craft activities and ideas for parties to have either at home or at school for children with disabilities.
  33. www.openmindopenheart.org Is a site of websites and resources for parents and teachers to get ideas for arts and crafts among other things to help their children with disabilities.
  34. www.henshaws.org Is an arts and crafts website center for people who are blind.
  35. www.vsaca.com is a site in California teaching teachers and parent’s different projects to teach to children and adults with multiple disabilities.
  36. www.alburyshow.ozzweb.com is a site showing ceramic arts and crafts for children and adults with disabilities
  37. www.mommazone.com provides extensive lists of “things for your children to do”. But this site also shows the details to pottery.
  38. www.dirs.globalesl.net is a web directory site with over 500,000 sites for arts and crafts sorted by subject.
  39. www.oneworld.org is a special education series of arts and crafts for children with disabilities
  40. www.homefires.com is a site for home educations providing links to arts and crafts field trips. This is a site full of resources and information on home educators and what they can do for activities.
  41. www.linc.org is a site for art resources for people with disabilities and their families.
  42. www.co.mo.md.us.html. This site is actually programs for individuals with disabilities who are encouraged to register for these programs by the Department of Recreation.
  43. www.ech.org is a site on how to make home schoolbooks. This involves language arts, mathematics and arts and crafts
  44. www.ballarat.com is a community site for people with disabilities showing an arts calendar to make sure that they are up to date with what is coming to town so that they can go and see the art that they are interested in.
  45. www.k-6educators.miningco.com is a site for Elementary Education teachers with ideas, activities, and teaching art and holiday art lessons.
  46. www.nova.wiredys.com links for educators and students to go and see activities for arts and crafts
  47. www.parentpatch.com is a site for parenting children with special needs and providing them examples of games and activities to do at home and in the classroom.
  48. www.onlinesports.com is a creative play event site for children with disabilities showing different activities.
  49. www.communityarts.com is an art site for children with disabilities showing social change highly recommending anyone interested in art to come to this site and look at what it has to offer.
  50. www.calgoryunitedway.org is funded agencies and community issues for children with disabilities providing information on arts and crafts and cooking.



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