Voice Lessons

Voice lessons at Expressive Arts Studio in Oak Ridge, TN. Cost $22.00/45 minutes lessons; $25.00/1hour lesson. Family discounts available. Classes are offered for all ages and abilities in Oak Ridge, TN area.

I teach fundamental classical vocal technique that allows your voice to soar naturally and comfortably in ALL GENRES. Most importantly, I tailor lessons to each individual student’s particular needs and ways of learning.
My goal is to help you find the power to express through singing your unique self. It doesn’t matter whether your voice is professional quality or whether it’s even “good” in the conventional sense. It’s YOUR voice. It has its own sound and characteristics, its own particular beauty, and the world needs to hear you!

Would you like to talk about enrollment? I will be happy to speak with you personally and discuss how I can help in achieving your musical goals. It’s part of the free consultation for a prospective student.

Contact me at 865-805-0913 or e-mail me at carethrougharts@gmail.com

If you like to register online, please fill out the form below.


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